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GWO training courses

A GWO certificate is a certificate you will receive if you have successfully completed GWO training. The Global Wind Organization (GWO) is a non-profit organization founded by companies in the wind industry with the goal of improving the safety and quality of training for workers in the wind industry.

The GWO standard training includes several modules, including working at height, first aid, firefighting, marine survival and rescue training. The purpose of the training is to provide you, if you work in the wind industry, with the knowledge and skills you need to perform your job safely and efficiently, and to minimize the risks of injury or accidents.

The GWO certificate is often required by employers in the wind industry as proof that an employee has received the necessary training and has the appropriate skills and knowledge to work safely. The certificate is valid for 2 years and must then be renewed by attending repeat training.

In short, a GWO certificate is proof of successful completion of GWO standard training for workers in the wind industry and indicates that the certificate holder has the necessary skills and knowledge to work safely in this industry.

Do you want to follow a GWO training course? At DELTA Safety Training we offer all GWO training courses. Ranging from basic to refresher, you can follow the GWO Basic Safety Training, GWO Working at Heights, GWO First Aid, GWO Sea Survival, GWO Fire Awareness & GWO Manual Handling. Check out our complete range of GWO training courses below and book a date of your choice!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


GWO general

  • What do DELTA Safety Training's trainees think of the GWO training courses?

    GWO Sea Survival: "Good training, Corona included in training package. trainer had good knowledge, many practical training in fake sea. Good lunch, location is easy accessible. Group was not too big around 7 participants." GWO First Aid: "Very good trainer. Teaches from experience and knowledge without using a slide deck. He only uses this to check whether everything has been covered. Training facility is good, good classrooms and lunch facility." GWO First Aid Refresher: "Good mix of theory and practice. Trainer had the right tone. Serious, but not too. He does expect professional attitude and attention, as he should! The hands-on exercises were also done seriously, it's not a game."
  • What is a WINDA ID?

    In order to take part in a GWO training course, you need to be in possession of a WINDA ID. All the GWO certificates you have obtained can be found in your WINDA account. Don't have a WINDA ID yet? Then register and create your WINDA ID here.
  • Why should I follow a GWO training course at DELTA Safety Training?

    At DELTA Safety Training, we set the bar high. For ourselves and for our students. We believe that input equals output. In other words: high quality instructor knowledge means high quality student knowledge. Our high success percentages prove this. Do you want your employees to work safely or do you want to work in a safe environment? Our certified trainers will be happy to train you in our unique, modern indoor training centre in Rotterdam. Book a safety training with DELTA Safety Training and experience it for yourself!
  • Which GWO training courses can I follow at DELTA Safety Training?

    Both GWO basic and GWO refresher courses can be followed at DELTA Safety Training. Every course participant receives a certificate of competence issued by GWO as proof of completion. At DELTA Safety Training you can follow the following GWO training courses: GWO Basic Safety Training GWO Working at Heights GWO First Aid GWO Sea Survival GWO Fire Awareness GWO Manual Handling
  • Who should attend GWO training?

    Every person working in the wind industry will have to attend GWO training to be able to do his or her job safely. During the GWO training in Rotterdam, course participants will learn from our experienced instructors how to recognise, identify and resolve hazards and problems. For everyone who works on a ship or regularly needs to go to a platform, it is mandatory to follow a GWO training course, because without a GWO certificate you will not be admitted to your workplace. This is compulsory for both onshore and offshore work. Have you already followed the basic course, but are you ready to repeat the material dealt with? Then book our GWO refresher training courses!
  • What is a GWO certificate?

    GWO stands for Global Wind Organisation. GWO is an organisation that designs and manages global standards for various wind industry training courses. During a GWO training course, students who work in the wind industry learn all sorts of things to help them do their jobs as safely as possible. The wind industry is becoming increasingly important in the Netherlands because the number of wind farms is steadily increasing. All these wind farms have to be constructed and maintained. To be able to do this, you must have completed the basic GWO course.

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