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NOG is the abbreviation for Norsk olje og gass, translated into English as The Norwegian Oil & Gas Association.
This is an employers' organisation for the oil and gas industry in Norway, which until 2012 was called Oljeindustriens Landsforening (OLF).

The offshore oil and gas employers/branch organisations of the United Kingdom (Oil and Gas UK), Denmark (Olie Gas Danmark), Norway (Norsk olje og gas) and the Netherlands (NOGEPA) have agreed that they will accept each other's training standards for work in each other's part of the North Sea. However, NOG requests a supplement to the Dutch (NOGEPA) and English (OPITO) standards with an Escape Shute Training for operations in the Norwegian part of the North Sea. This is also called the 'mutual agreement'.
You can read more about this on the NOG website.

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