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Current status: Trainings continue

Please see below for our measures and the latest status of dispensation schemes due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Our measures
(last update: Friday 25-02-2022)

  • Current state of affairs

    Following the last Corona press conference on Tuesday, 15 February 2022, the only measure is as follows:

    • We will ask you upon entry if you have any corona-related complaints (cold, headache, sore throat and/or fever). If this is the case, access to the training centre will be denied and a new training date will be scheduled.
  • Standard measures in our building

    • Hands should be disinfected when entering the training center. Hand sanitizer is available at several places in the training center.
    • We will remind people of the current measures if they do not comply with the measures.

Current dispensation arrangements
(last update: Tuesday 03-05-2022)


    • In principle, OPITO does not extend certificates.
    • OPITO does consider special postponement in the following cases:
      • The student lives in a country where there is a lockdown and all training centres in the country are closed. With this application, evidence must be provided by the student to OPITO that this is actually the case. Or:
        The student must remain in quarantine and written proof of this must be provided.
    • OPITO uses a 'period of grace' arrangement whereby a refresher course may be followed even though the certificate has expired for a maximum of two months.
    • The most recent dispensation schemes can be found here:
      OPITO dispensation scheme
  • GWO

    • However, there are currently dispensation possibilities for GWO certificates. Course participants who are unable to attend a refresher course within the 24-month validity period due to a COVID-19-related cancellation, can refresh expired courses up to a maximum of 60 days.
      Any refresher course taken using this exemption must be completed by 30 June 2022 at the latest.
      In the above cases, the student will need to take steps to do so as soon as possible. Before being admitted to a refresher course the student must, to the extent possible, be able to show the training provider reasonable COVID-19-related justification for cancellation of the originally planned training.
  • SIR

    • There are currently no dispensation possibilities for SIR certificates. SIR training courses must be repeated in good time. If the certificate has expired, an SIR basic training course must be followed and one may not take part in an SIR refresher training course.
  • SOG and VCA

    • There are currently no dispensation possibilities for B-VCA, VOL-VCA, VIL-VCU and SOG certificates.

    • The government has legally recognized the importance of the continuation of first aid, BHV and safety training for profession and company. NIBHV training courses and exams will continue, with due observance of the usual corona measures. There is no dispensation arrangement.
  • Het Oranje Kruis

    • The government has legally recognised the importance of the continuation of first aid, BHV and safety training for profession and company. First aid training and exams will continue, taking into account the usual corona measures.
    • Anyone whose Het Oranje Kruis certificate or diploma expired in 2020 or 2021 will be given until 1 October 2022 to recertify. After October 1, the certifications that have not yet been used will expire.

    • There are currently no dispensation possibilities for NOGEPA certificates.
  • STCW

    The government has adopted a goodwill measure for STCW training courses. This means that despite the current lockdown, the legally required STCW training can continue to take place. View the government's goodwill measures on STCW.
    With regard to dispensation for STCW training, please refer to this document.

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