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NOGEPA training courses

Would you like to follow a NOGEPA training course? NOGEPA stands for Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploitation and Production Association. At DELTA Safety Training we offer various NOGEPA training courses. Ranging from basic to refresher, you can take the NOGEPA training courses at DELTA Safety Training. With a positive result after the exam you will receive an official NOGEPA certificate. View our complete range of NOGEPA training courses below and book a date of your choice!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is a NOGEPA certificate?

NOGEPA stands for Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploitation and Production Association. NOGEPA represents the interests of these companies and wants to contribute to a fully sustainable energy supply in 2050. The goal of NOGEPA is to extract oil and gas from the Dutch seabed in a safe and efficient manner with respect for the environment. During a NOGEPA training course students working in the oil and gas industry learn all kinds of skills to do their job as safely and well as possible.

Who should attend a NOGEPA training course?

Working in the offshore industry is not entirely risk-free. Because the work is done at open sea, there are many dangers lurking about. That is why a thorough medical and safety training can be of vital importance. Anyone working at sea must be able to save themselves and colleagues in emergency situations because it can take longer for the emergency services to arrive than when working onshore. Persons working offshore in the North Sea area must follow a NOGEPA training course. NOGEPA checks if training centres meet the correct requirements and if this is the case, NOGEPA certificates may be issued. DELTA Safety Training is NOGEPA certified, which means that all our students can follow a NOGEPA training with us.

Which NOGEPA training courses can I follow at DELTA Safety Training?

Both NOGEPA basic and NOGEPA refresher courses can be followed at DELTA Safety Training. Each course participant receives a certificate of competence issued by NOGEPA as proof of completion. At DELTA Safety Training you can follow the following NOGEPA courses:

Why should I follow a NOGEPA training at DELTA Safety Training?

At DELTA Safety Training, we set the bar high. For ourselves and for our students. We believe that input equals output. In other words: high quality instructor knowledge means high quality student knowledge. Our high success percentages prove this. Do you want your employees to work safely or do you want to work in a safe environment? Our certified trainers will be happy to train you in our unique, modern indoor training centre in Rotterdam. Book a safety training with DELTA Safety Training and experience it for yourself!

What do DELTA Safety Training's students think of the NOGEPA training courses?

NOGEPA 1.9A Banksman - Basis: "Instructors were very friendly and had a lot of knowledge: well done!"

NOGEPA 1.9B Banksman - Refresher: "Short and to the point, good as refresher training."