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SOG safety training courses

SOG stands for SSVV Training Guide and is a series of practical training courses developed by SSVV (Foundation for Safety Cooperation) for operational employees working in the Dutch petrochemical industry.

We offer the following training courses both basic and refresher training with a certificate of competence issued by SOG.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • How can I check the validity or authenticity of an SCC or SOG certificate?

    To do so, visit the Central Diploma Register (CDR) of the Safety Cooperation Foundation (SSVV). Have the surname and date of birth at hand, or the personal VCA diploma number.
  • Will I receive a paper SCC or SOG certificate?

    No. For an additional charge of EUR 40 per SCC or SOG certificate excluding VAT, we will send a paper certificate by mail.
  • Will I receive a digital SCC or SOG certificate?

    Yes, you will receive a certificate in .pdf format in your email. You will also be able to request the results (with the exception of Twin Ferrule Fittings) and a digital pass and save it on your phone, often as early as the first working day after the exam. Have the last name and date of birth ready. Fill in the surname without the prefixes. If you have passed, you can scan the QR code that appears or click on 'digital pass' and take a screenshot of the pass with your phone as proof. Alternatively, you can put the link to the digital pass on your phone as a shortcut. Note: the digital pass only works for SOG and VCA exams taken by our examination bureau PBNA. The following passes are included: - All VCA diplomas obtained at PBNA after 1-1-2015; - All SOG diplomas obtained at PBNA after 1-1-2018.