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STCW training courses

Do you want to follow an STCW training course? At DELTA Safety Training, we offer various STCW training courses. You can follow the STCW training courses varying from basic to refresher. See below our complete range of STCW training courses and book a date of your choice!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • What is a sample book?

    A muster book is a booklet in which all personal and important data about work experience and training are recorded. Every seafarer must have a monster booklet. The muster book is valid for 10 years.
  • Why should I follow an STCW training course at DELTA Safety Training?

    At DELTA Safety Training, we set the bar high. For ourselves and for our students. We believe that input equals output. In other words: high quality instructor knowledge means high quality student knowledge. Our high success percentages prove this. Do you want your employees to work safely or do you want to work in a safe environment? Our certified trainers will be happy to train you in our unique, modern indoor training centre in Rotterdam. Book a safety training with DELTA Safety Training and experience it for yourself!
  • Which STCW training courses can I follow at DELTA Safety Training?

    Both STCW basic and STCW refresher courses can be followed at DELTA Safety Training. Every course participant receives an STCW certificate of competence as proof of completion. At DELTA Safety Training you can follow the following STCW training courses: - STCW Medical First Aid - STCW Medical Care - STCW Security Awareness for all Seafarers - STCW Basic Safety Training - Basic - STCW Basic Safety Training - Recap
  • Who needs to attend STCW training?

    Every person sailing at sea must undergo STCW training to be able to carry out his or her work safely.
  • What is an STCW certificate?

    STCW stands for Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping. STCW is an international convention on the minimum training, certification and watchkeeping requirements for seafarers on professional and commercial ships. During an STCW training course, students who work in the shipping industry learn. During an STCW training course, students who work in the shipping industry learn all kinds of things so that they can carry out their work safely. You can request information about STCW training courses via DELTA Safety Training. If the result is positive, the course participant receives an STCW diploma.