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VCA safety training courses

After a long day at work, you want to get home safely, don't you? For various professions it is necessary to have safety knowledge. You can learn this safety knowledge at DELTA Safety Training by following a VCA training course or by booking a separate VCA exam. VCA stands for Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors. The Dutch industry started VCA certification to increase the safety knowledge of all employees.

You can book your SCC training, SCC exam, SCC e-learning and SCC learning materials with us. If you book with DELTA Safety Training, there is a good chance that you will pass the exam, because we prepare you thoroughly for the SCC exam. You can come to us for SCC training courses and SCC exams at various levels. You can obtain your B-VCA, B-VCA Green, VOL-VCA and VIL-VCU from us. Is Dutch not your native language? No problem. Book your B-VCA exam in one of the 19 available languages, your VOL-VCA exam in one of the 4 available languages and your VIL-VCU in one of the 2 available languages. If you book an SCC training, you will take the exam afterwards. If you prefer a separate SCC exam, you can schedule your own SCC exam at a time, location and day of your choice. Both for B-VCA /VCA VOL courses including exam or separate exams, you can register via our website.


The B-VCA, VOL-VCA and VIL-VCU certificates are issued through us by one of the most renowned VCA exam agencies in the Netherlands.

Frequently asked questions about SCC

  • Why do I need a VCA certificate?

    A VCA certificate guarantees the safety of employees and all colleagues.
  • What does the abbreviation VCA stand for?

    VCA stands for Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors.
  • Is a VCA certificate mandatory offshore?

    Yes, this is generally required. It can also happen, depending on the area and the client where and for whom you will be working, that a MIST certificate (Minimum Industry Safety Standard) is required. A MIST training is the UK variant of the SCC training. VCA is also often accepted, but then the certificate may not be older than four years.