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Offshore: Avoid safety incidents, don't take unnecessary risks!

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Offshore oil and gas safety training

Working offshore can involve hazards. Therefore, it is important to be well prepared before you start your work offshore so that you can recognize the potential hazards, avoid them and act appropriately. Are you going to a drilling rig at sea to work soon? If so, it is mandatory to have taken offshore safety training so that you can perform your work safely.

At DELTA Safety Training, we train you during our offshore safety training courses so that you know how to act in emergency situations at sea. You can obtain both your OPITO and NOGEPA certificates from us for various offshore safety training such as BOSIET, FOET, HUET, EBS, CA-EBS, 0.5A, 0.5B etcetera. Both EBS and CA-EBS are fixed part of the OPITO/NOGEPA certified training courses and thus need not be taken in a separate module. So don't wait any longer and book your offshore safety training soon!

Do you still need a medical examination and would you prefer to have this done immediately after your safety training? You can flexibly schedule your offshore medical examination with us prior to or during the training courses. If you are more interested in a customized combination program with STCW or GWO, please contact us for more information!


With DELTA Safety Training you can follow safety training courses in accordance with the guidelines of NOGEPA and OPITO. The training courses comply with both national (NOGEPA) and international (OPITO, NSOC-D) standards. With an offshore training course organised by DELTA Safety Training, you can start working in the offshore industry virtually anywhere in the world. DELTA Safety Training works together with other trainers where certification requires this.
These offshore training courses are intended for you if you work in the offshore oil and gas industry, shipping and (offshore) wind energy and related companies and/or contractors. A medical examination is required for most of these courses.


We issue certificates for offshore training on behalf of organisations such as OPITO, NOGEPA and OLF (NOG).

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Frequently asked questions about offshore

  • How can I check the validity and expiration date of an OPITO certificate?

    You can check the validity and expiration date of your OPITO certificate on the OPITO website.
  • Is there a dispensation scheme possible for OPITO certificates?

    OPITO operates a standard dispensation scheme separate from COVID-19. If you are performing your work offshore and your OPITO certificate expires exactly during that period, you can make a so-called "Request Dispensation OPITO." This is the only valid reason for working offshore with an invalid OPITO certificate.
  • What is a security passport (PSL)?

    The Personal Safety Logbook (PSL) is a personal booklet in which you can collect all your diplomas, skills and possibly medical data. It is not mandatory to have a safety passport, but it is a useful document in which you can keep all the above information together.
  • Is a VCA certificate mandatory for working offshore?

    Yes, this is generally required. It may also happen, depending on the area and the client where and for whom you will be working, that a MIST certificate is required. (Minimum Industry Safety Standard). A MIST training is the UK variant of the SCC training. VCA is also often accepted, but the certificate may not be older than 4 years.
  • What medical examinations are required to work offshore?

    A NOGEPA offshore medical examination is often required to be able to work offshore. In the UK this is an OGUK medical certificate (Oil and Gas UK). In the UK a NOGEPA offshore medical examination is accepted.
  • What is the minimum training required to work offshore?

    This depends on the area in which you will be working, the work that you will be doing and the client for which you will be working. In general, an OPITO BOSIET / FOET certificate is required as a minimum and is accepted all over the world. There is sometimes an additional requirement for a MIST or VCA certificate. An H2S or S-Cape certificate may also be required by the client. This must be checked with the client in advance. If you want to know more for your specific case, please contact us or your principal.
  • My NOGEPA certificate is no longer valid, what should I do?

    If your NOGEPA certificate has expired, it is not possible to follow a NOGEPA refresher course and you will have to follow the relevant basic training again. If the certificate has expired because the student was offshore, a request for a NOGEPA repeat training can be submitted. The employer must do this for the employee. Please contact us for more information. Curious about our NOGEPA training courses? Do not hesitate and book now!
  • My OPITO certificate has expired, what do I do now?

    If your OPITO certificate has expired, it is not possible to follow an OPITO refresher course and you must follow the relevant basic training again. If the certificate has expired because the student was offshore, an exception to repeat training may be requested from OPITO. This must be done by the employer for the employee. Please contact us for this. We have listed all our OPITO training courses for you.