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Basic safety SCC (B-VCA) - Basic

VOL-VCA - eBook

What is an VOL-VCA digibook?

Are you planning to attend an VOL-VCA training course soon or have you already registered for an VOL-VCA exam? It is important to be well prepared for your exam and/or training. The better prepared you are, the more knowledge you will have and the better you will be able to answer the questions on the exam. When you book a VCA VOL training, you will receive a free VCA VOL digital book. Are you only booking a separate VCA VOL exam? Then you can order a free VCA VOL digital book. The content of the VCA VOL textbook is always up-to-date, as it is constantly updated with the newest available knowledge. In addition to text, the SCA VOL digital book also contains supplementary images, videos and the option of turning on a read-aloud function, if desired. After each chapter you will get a number of test questions to test your knowledge of the previous chapter. When you have completed all chapters you can take a trial exam at the end of the book. This will give you a good idea of whether you are sufficiently prepared for the official SCC exam. The trial exam (from the digibook) meets the current SCC final and test requirements.

Attention! Successful completion of the trial exam does not mean that you are yet in possession of an VOL-VCA certificate. The content of the SCC digital book is only meant to prepare you for the official SCC exam. You will have to book the VOL-VCA exam separately to be able to eventually obtain your official certificate. By taking the trial exam, you will gain a good insight into your level of knowledge and know whether you are already well prepared for the official exam.

In which languages is the VOL-VCA digital book available?

The VCA VOL digital book can be ordered in Dutch and in English.

What are the advantages of an VOL-VCA digibook?

The VOL-VCA digital book is useful if you want to prepare yourself for your VOL-VCA training or exam. The purchase of an VOL- VCA book brings many extra advantages. Below is a list of the advantages:

✅ Save money

Ordered today, delivered the next working day

✅ Read-aloud function available for free

✅ Take notes in your IWB while you learn

✅ Videos available as supplementary learning material

✅ Search function available in the digibook

✅ Midterm test questions after each chapter

Trial exam included

What is the cost of an VOL-VCA digibook?

The costs for an VOL-VCA digibook differ per language. The Dutch digibook is already available for €37,- (excl. VAT). The English language VCA VOL digibook can be ordered for €56,- (excl. VAT).

Do you want to prepare optimally for your VCA VOL exam so you can receive your VCA VOL diploma in 1x? We understand that! Fill in your details in the contact form below and start learning soon!

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