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VIL-VCU - digital book

What is a VIL-VCU digibook?

Are you planning to attend a VIL-VCU training course soon or have you already registered for a VIL-VCU exam? It is important to be well prepared for your exam and/or training. The better prepared you are, the more knowledge you will have which will help you answer the questions on the exam. When booking a VIL-VCU training course you will receive a VIL-VCU digital book for free. Are you booking only a separate VIL-VCU exam? Then you can order a VIL-VCU examination book separately. The content of the VIL-VCU textbook is always up-to-date as it is constantly updated with the latest available knowledge. The VIL-VCU digital textbook contains not only text but also additional pictures, videos and the possibility to have the text read out loud if you wish. After each chapter you get a number of test questions with which you can test your knowledge of the previous chapter. When you have completed all chapters you can take a trial exam at the end of the book. This will give you a good idea if you are sufficiently prepared for the official VIL-VCU exam. The mock exam (from the digibook) meets the actual final and test requirements of VCA Infra.

Attention! Upon successful completion of the trial exam, you will not yet be in possession of a VIL-VCU certificate. The content of the digital book is only meant to prepare you for the official exam. You will have to book the VIL-VCU exam separately in order to obtain the official certificate. By making the trial exam you will get a good insight into your knowledge level and you will know whether you are well prepared for the official exam.

In which languages is the VIL-VCU digibook available?

The VIL-VCU digibook can only be ordered in Dutch.

What are the advantages of a VIL-VCU digibook?

The VIL-VCU digibook is useful if you want to prepare for your training or exam. The purchase of a digibook brings many additional benefits. Below you will find a list of benefits:

✅ Save money

Ordered today, delivered the next working day

✅ Read-aloud function available for free

✅ Take notes in your IWB while you learn

✅ Videos available as supplementary learning material

✅ Search function available in the digibook

✅ Midterm test questions after each chapter

Trial exam included

What is the cost of a VIL-VCU digibook?

The cost for a VIL-VCU digibook is €35 (excluding VAT).

So do you want to prepare optimally for your exam so you can receive your VIL-VCU diploma in 1x? We understand that! Fill in your details in the contact form below and start learning soon!

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  • What is the price of a VIL-VCU digibook if I want to order it separately?

    The price of a separate VIL-VCU digibook in Dutch is EUR 35.00.
  • What does a VIL-VCU exam consist of?

    The VIL-VCU exam consists of a total of 70 multiple-choice questions. You will have a total of 75 minutes to complete the entire exam. If you have answered 4515 or more of the total 7000 correctly, you have passed and will receive your VIL-VCU certificate. The content of the VIL-VCU exam is very similar to the content of the VOL-VCA exam. The VIL-VCU exam does contain questions with explicit knowledge aimed at temporary employees.
  • Why should I get VCU certified?

    Employers may require a VCU certificate when hiring temporary workers. If you, as a temporary worker, do not have a VCU certificate at that time, your chances of being hired will be much smaller. If you are in possession of a VIL-VCU certificate, you can demonstrate to your (future) principal that you meet the criteria drawn up in the HSE checklist for temporary employment agencies.
  • Can I take a VIL-VCU mock exam?

    On our website you can download VIL-VCU mock exams. On our website you can find in the menu under the heading "study material" sample exams in Dutch and English.
  • Can I book a separate VCA exam at DELTA Safety Training?

    It is possible to book a VCA exam directly via our website. You can choose from locations all over the Netherlands and look for the day and time that suits you best. If an exam is no longer available, the date will disappear from the website.
  • What is the difference between VCU and VCA?

    If you have authority and supervision yourself, you must have a VCA certificate. If you want to deploy temporary workers, you must have a VCU certificate.
  • How long is my VIL-VCU certificate valid?

    This certificate is valid for 10 years, just like the VCA certificate.
  • What does VIL-VCU mean?

    VIL-VCU stands for Safety for Intermediaries and Managers Safety Checklist for Temporary Work Agencies.